Other submodules

mscxyz.cli module

Wrapper for the command line interface.

class mscxyz.cli.LineWrapRawTextHelpFormatter(prog: str)[source]

Bases: RawDescriptionHelpFormatter


mscxyz.cli.setup_parser() ArgumentParser[source]
mscxyz.cli.get_args(cli_args: Sequence[str] | None = None) DefaultArguments[source]
mscxyz.cli.execute(cli_args: Sequence[str] | None = None) None[source]

mscxyz.export module


Supported file extensions for export in MuseScore version 4.

class mscxyz.export.Export(score: Score)[source]

Bases: object

score: Score
to_extension(extension: str = 'pdf') Path[source]

Export the score to the specifed file type.


extension – The extension (default: pdf)


The path of the exported file.

compress(remove_origin: bool = False) Path[source]

Compress the score.


The path of the new compressed score or the path of the score itself if it is already compressed.

reload(save: bool = False) Export[source]

Reload the MuseScore file.


save – Whether to save the changes before reloading. Default is False.


The reloaded Export object.



mscxyz.fields module

Provide fields ($variable) for the path templates.

class mscxyz.fields.Field(name: 'str', description: 'str', attr_path: 'str', verbosity: 'int' = 1, color: 'Color' = 'white', readonly: 'bool' = False)[source]

Bases: object

name: str

name will become $name in the path templates

description: str

Some description text for the documentation.

attr_path: str

meta.title accesses score.meta.title

verbosity: int

Verbosity level indicating if the field should be displayed in the debug output.

color: Literal['black', 'grey', 'red', 'green', 'yellow', 'blue', 'magenta', 'cyan', 'light_grey', 'dark_grey', 'light_red', 'light_green', 'light_yellow', 'light_blue', 'light_magenta', 'light_cyan', 'white']

The color of the field in the debug output.

readonly: bool
class mscxyz.fields.FieldsManager(score: Score)[source]

Bases: object

score: Score
pre: dict[str, FieldValue]

The state of the field values at initialization, stored as a dictionary.

property names: tuple[str, ...]
get_field(name: str) Field[source]
get(name: str) Any | None[source]
set(name: str, value: Any) None[source]
diff(args: DefaultArguments) None[source]
export_to_dict() dict[str, str | int | float][source]
distribute(source_fields: str, format_string: str) None[source]
clean(fields_spec: str) None[source]
export_json() Path[source]

Export the data as a JSON file.


The path to the exported JSON file.

static print() None[source]

mscxyz.rename module

Rename MuseScore files

mscxyz.rename.rename(score: Score, path_template: str) None[source]

mscxyz.settings module

This submodule provides default parameters for args. Here is the args object stored from argparse. It can be accessed by the other submodules using the function get_args().

class mscxyz.settings.DefaultArguments[source]

Bases: object

general_config_file: str | None
general_backup: bool
general_dry_run: bool
general_catch_errors: bool
general_mscore: bool
general_executable: str | None
export_extension: str | None
export_compress: bool
export_remove_origin: bool
info_verbose: int
info_color: bool
info_diff: bool
info_print_xml: bool
help_markdown: bool
help_rst: bool
lyrics_extract: str | None
lyrics_fix: bool
lyrics_remap: str | None
meta_clean: str | None
meta_delete: bool
meta_dist: list[tuple[str, str]] | None
meta_log: list[str] | None
meta_json: bool
meta_sync: bool
meta_set: list[tuple[str, str]] | None
meta_metatag: list[tuple[str, str]] | None
meta_vbox: list[tuple[str, str]] | None
meta_combined: list[tuple[str, str]] | None
meta_title: str | None
meta_subtitle: str | None
meta_composer: str | None
meta_lyricist: str | None
rename_rename: str | None
rename_target: str | None
rename_only_filename: bool
rename_alphanum: bool
rename_ascii: bool
rename_skip: str | None
rename_list_fields: bool
rename_list_functions: bool
selection_list: bool
selection_glob: str
selection_mscz: bool
selection_mscx: bool
style_value: list[tuple[str, str]]
style_clean: bool
style_file: TextIOWrapper | None
style_styles_v3: bool
style_styles_v4: bool
style_reset_small_staffs: bool
style_list_fonts: bool
style_text_font: str | None
style_title_font: str | None
style_musical_symbol_font: str | None
style_musical_text_font: str | None
style_staff_space: float | None
style_page_size: tuple[str, str] | None
style_page_size_a4: bool
style_page_size_letter: bool
style_margin: str | None
style_show_header: bool | None
style_header_first_page: bool | None
style_different_odd_even_header: bool | None
style_header_all: tuple[str, str, str] | None
style_header_odd_even: tuple[str, str, str, str, str, str] | None
path: list[PathOrStr]
mscxyz.settings.get_args() DefaultArguments[source]

Get the args object (the argparse object) which is stored in the .settings.py submodule for all other submodules.


the argparse object

mscxyz.settings.set_args(new_args: DefaultArguments) DefaultArguments[source]

Set the args object (the argparse object) which is stored in the .settings.py submodule for all other submodules to import.

mscxyz.settings.reset_args() DefaultArguments[source]

Reset the args object (the argparse object) which is stored in the .settings.py submodule for all other submodules to import.

mscxyz.settings.parse_config_ini(relpath: str | None = None) ConfigParser | None[source]

Parse the configuration file. The file format is INI. The default location is /etc/mscxyz.ini.

mscxyz.settings.merge_config_into_args(config: ConfigParser, args: DefaultArguments) DefaultArguments[source]
mscxyz.settings.parse_args(parser: ArgumentParser, cli_args: Sequence[str] | None = None) DefaultArguments[source]

mscxyz.utils module

A collection of useful utility functions

mscxyz.utils.list_path(src: PathLike[str] | str | Path | list[PathLike[str] | str | Path], extension: Literal['mscz', 'mscx', 'both'] = 'both', glob: str | None = None) Generator[Path, None, None][source]

List all scores in path.

  • src – A directory to search for files or a file path or multiple directories or paths.

  • extension – Possible values: “both”, “mscz” or “mscx”.

  • glob – A glob string, see fnmatch

mscxyz.utils.list_zero_alphabet() List[str][source]

Build a list: 0, a, b, c etc.

mscxyz.utils.get_musescore_bin() str[source]

Check the existance of the executable mscore


Path of the executable.

mscxyz.utils.execute_musescore(cli_args: list[str]) Popen[Any][source]

cli_args – Command line arguments to call the mscore binary with.

mscxyz.utils.re_open(input_file: str) None[source]

Open and save a MuseScore file with the mscore binary under the same file path.


input_file – The path (relative or absolute) of a MuseScore file.

mscxyz.utils.round_float(value: str | int | float) float[source]
class mscxyz.utils.Dimension(value: str)[source]

Bases: object

value: float
unit: Literal['mm', 'in']
static parse(dimension: str) tuple[float, Literal['mm', 'in']][source]
static convert(value: float, from_unit: Literal['mm', 'in'], to_unit: Literal['mm', 'in']) float[source]
to(unit: Literal['mm', 'in']) float[source]
mscxyz.utils.colorize(text: str, color: Literal['black', 'grey', 'red', 'green', 'yellow', 'blue', 'magenta', 'cyan', 'light_grey', 'dark_grey', 'light_red', 'light_green', 'light_yellow', 'light_blue', 'light_magenta', 'light_cyan', 'white'] | None = None, on_color: Literal['on_black', 'on_grey', 'on_red', 'on_green', 'on_yellow', 'on_blue', 'on_magenta', 'on_cyan', 'on_light_grey', 'on_dark_grey', 'on_light_red', 'on_light_green', 'on_light_yellow', 'on_light_blue', 'on_light_magenta', 'on_light_cyan', 'on_white'] | None = None) str[source]

Wrapper function around termcolor.colored() to easily turn off and on colorized terminal output on the command line.

Example usage:

color('“{}”'.format(post[field]), 'yellow')
class mscxyz.utils.PathChanger(path: str | Path)[source]

Bases: object

path: Path
property extension: str
property base: str
new() PathChanger[source]
change_extension(new_extension: str) Path[source]
add_suffix(suffix: Any) Path[source]
change(suffix: Any | None = None, extension: str | None = None, filename: str | None = None) Path[source]
mscxyz.utils.change_path(path: str | Path, suffix: Any | None = None, extension: str | None = None) Path[source]
class mscxyz.utils.ZipContainer(abspath: str | Path)[source]

Bases: object

Container for the file paths of the different files in an unzipped MuseScore file

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
        <rootfile full-path="score_style.mss"/>
        <rootfile full-path="test.mscx"/>
        <rootfile full-path="Thumbnails/thumbnail.png"/>
        <rootfile full-path="audiosettings.json"/>
        <rootfile full-path="viewsettings.json"/>
tmp_dir: Path

Absolute path of the temporary directory where the unzipped files are stored

xml_file: Path

Absolute path of the uncompressed XML score file

score_style_file: Path | None

Absolute path of the score style file

thumbnail_file: Path | None

Absolute path of the thumbnail file

audiosettings_file: Path | None

Absolute path of the audio settings file

viewsettings_file: Path | None

Absolute path of the view settings file

save(dest: str | Path) None[source]
mscxyz.utils.read_file(filename: str | Path) str[source]

Read the file as text.


The content of file as text.